Exodus Leviticus Bible study On Line ZOOM :  

  Tuesday evenings 7 to 8:30 Pm BIWEEKLY.  

 Teach me Your Ways: Exodus/Leviticus

Schedule for 2022 is : biweekly Tuesdays (every second Tuesday )



May 24 ch 18-24,

June 7 Ch 25-31,

June 21 ch 32-34,

July 5 Ch35-40,

July 19 Ch 1-40 Wrap up  


You are welcome to sit in on a Tuesday night as an observer, to see if this study is for you 


Leviticus Aug 16, 22 to Dec 6 22

 An Adult study for men and women from across Canada.  

Requires 20 min per day of self study between biweekly Tuesday zoom.

 Required workbook cost is $11 + shipping.  

For further information contact Mike Fleming at