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Bergen Youth Group Fundraiser

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We are offering Fruit tree plugs for purchase as a fundraiser for the Bergen Missionary Church Fellowship Youth Group. The money will be used to offset the cost of youth activities such as youth retreats, camping trips, and other outings. 

This year we have three varieties of plants available:

  1. Boreal Blizzard Haskap, $12 each, or 10 for $100

  2. Boreal Beast Haskap, $12 each, or 10 for $100

  3. Smoky Saskatoon, $12 each, or 10 for $100

These varieties have been specifically chosen for fruit yield, flavour, and success in our local climate.  The plants come as a plug at a minimum 6” height (it is possible some could be as tall as 18”.)  Planting instructions will be included along with the plants. The reason 2 varieties of Haskap are offered is they require cross pollination. Haskaps of both varieties should be planted together. The Beast and the Blizzard have significant overlap in bloom seasons and crosspollinate well. The Smoky Saskatoon does not require crosspollination.  Please see attached information sheets for the fruit varieties.

We also understand that not everyone will have the time or ability to plant their plugs. In view of this we are offering:

  1. Basic planting for $10 per plug. This includes the youth planting the tree in native soil with no amendment. Additional care by the customer is recommended to keep the weeds down etc.

  2. Premium planting for $50 per plug. This includes tilling and amending with manure an approximately 5’ diameter circle of native soil, weed guard cloth and bark mulch to cover.

  3. No charge to pick up the plugs at designated location, free delivery for order of $150 or more.


Payment is due Feb. 29, Cheques are payable to Bergen Church Youth Group, Cash is accepted, e-transfer to , tree fundraiser in the memo line. 

You will be contacted in the coming months when the product is available for pickup or delivery.

Contact:  Scott Anderson          Text or Call: 403 507-0827           Email:



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